また、CM音楽やラジオ番組のテーマ曲などを手掛ける等の経験を積み2021年にTone Landを開業。



皆様とこの喜びを分かち合えるようなもの作りをすることが、Tone Landの願いです。

代表 岩﨑 三貴

I would like to thank everyone for meeting me here.

I started learning music at the age of four, and met many people and learned about music at organ, electronic organ, piano, and drum classes.

After graduating from the Yamaha Conservatory of Music, I worked as a sound designer for a video game company.
I participated in many voice recordings and song recordings.

In 2021, I started my own business under the name Tone Land, after gaining experience in commercial music and radio program theme music.

Now, after many years of thinking about what I can do for the children of the future, I have obtained a certification as a rhythmic teacher.
In the future, in addition to sound design, I plan to actively participate in eurhythmics lessons, parent-child events, and content creation for children.

The joy of bringing something new to life from nothing, little by little, is one of the best moments of my job.

It is Tone Land's hope that we can share this joy with you.

Miki Iwasaki